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China Starts Work On Huge $11 Billion Desert Renewables Project [221231]
Green Power Energy's 20 MW Taungdaw Gwin Build-Own-Operate Solar Plant Commissioned in Myanmar [221230]
World's First Hydrogen Train With a Speed of 160 Kilometers Per HourRolled Out in China [221229]
Green Hydrogen to Be Used in Fertiliser Industry: Nitin Gadkari [221229]
Ahsan Asks Chinese Firm to Meet Electricity Demand of Gwadar Free Zone [221229]
U Birmingham Team Demonstrates Direct Reuse of Aluminum and Copper Current Collectors From Spent Li-Ion Batteries [221229]
Researchers Develop a New Perovskite Solar Cell Technology [221228]
Accurate Measurement is Key to New Power Generation [221228]
Using an Ethylene Carbonate Solvent With a Sodium Iodide Salt to Create a New Kind of Refrigerator [221228]
How Microgrids Can Boost Economic Development For A Community And Its Residents [221226]
Off-grid Renewable Energy Making A Difference To Energy Access Globally [221225]
Hybrid DC Microgrid Development Shows Progress [221225]
Billionaire-backed ‘Iron-Air’ Battery Maker Picks WV Site for First Factory [221224]
Paper-Thin Solar Makes Any Surface Photovoltaic Unroll This Solar Carpet Onto A Roof—Or Any Other Surface That Sees Sunlight [221223]
Fuel Cells vs. Batteries: What’s the Difference? [221223]
Wave Power - Poised For Adoption And Growth? [221223]
Researchers Develop Highly Stable Formamidinium-cesium Perovskite Solar Cells [221222]
A Strategy To Boost The Efficiency Of Solar Cells Based On Thin-film Bifacial Cu(In,Ga)Se2 [221222]
Baobian Electric Delivers Transformers For Bangladesh Coal Power Plant [221219]
Consortium To Demonstrate Nitrogen For Fertilizer From Biosolids Using Solar Thermal [221219]
Establishment of Thailand's NV Gotion As Gotion Plans To Build Battery Export Base In ASEAN Countries [221216]
Team Overcomes Obstacles To Commercializing Next-generation Batteries By Moving Electrolytes Remotely [221215]
U.S. To Reveal Scientific Milestone On Fusion Energy [221213]
‘Geomechanical Pumped Storage’ Startup Quidnet Gets Us$10 Million ARPA-E Funding [221206]
The Tech Making Lithium-Ion Batteries Safer [221205]
ADB Launches Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy in Mongolia [221203]
IEA: Global Energy Efficiency Accelerates Amid Crisis [221202]
Recovering Hydrogen Fuel from Non-Recyclable Waste [221201]
Waiting for Superbatteries [221130]
ACWA Power, Thai Energy Firms Partner for Hydrogen Projects Development [221129]
Research Team Reports Breakthrough in Metal Gas Batteries [221129]
'Simple' Tweak to Perovskite Solar Cells Could Boost Renewable Energy Generation [221128]
JERA, JDSC Develop System for Solar Power Generation Prediction [221127]
Chinese Groups Unveil World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine [221125]
EDPR Sunseap, PlasticBean to Explore Recycled Plastic Use in Floating Solar [221125]
Milestone Marked in SSEN’s Auto Restorative Power Tech [221125]
Japanese OEMs Lead Solid-State Battery Goldrush [221124]
ABB Launches Energy Management System for Green Hydrogen [221124]
A Wave-Powered Prototype Device Is Aiming to Produce Drinking Water From the Ocean [221124]
MIT Advance Paves Way for High-Density Batteries That Handle Stress [221123]
Hybrid Ultracap Battery Promises 72-Second City EV Charging [221123]
Simpler, Cheaper Electrical Generator Can Be Made With Store-Bought Tape [221123]
The Need for Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Technologies [221123]
BloombergNEF: China Dominates Global Battery Supply Chain Again With Followers in Flux [221122]
Understanding Organic Solar Cell Energy Loss Boosts Technology [221122]
Breaking With Convention to Develop More Efficient Solar Cells [221122]
New Solar Harvesting System Breaks Records [221121]
A Breakthrough for Next-Generation Lithium-Free Energy Storage Systems [221118]
Advances in Battery Technology Could Make Electric Truck Operations More Affordable in India [221116]
Bio-Sep Launches New Joint Industry Project to Fuel the Green Revolution [221116]
Sustainable Wooden Turbine Blades for the Wind Energy Industry [221116]
US and China are most attractive renewables markets, but world must decentralise grids – EY [221116]
JinkoSolar’s n-type TOPCon module sets record 23.86% conversion efficiency [221115]
The Move Toward More Sustainable Batteries [221114]
New Biofuels can Boost Fuel Economy and Slash Carbon Emissions in Cars and Trucks [221111]
Major Asian countries saved US$34 billion through solar deployment in H1 2022 [221111]
New Approaches to Create Hydrogen Energy from Biomass Feedstocks [221110]
New Method Helps Make Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Last Longer [221108]
The World’s Biggest EV Battery Producer Is About to Get Even Bigger [221107]
Feeding and Growing Microalgae on Leftover Coffee Grounds Produces High-Quality Biodiesel [221102]
LONGi launches new Hi-MO 6 HPBC module for distributed generation market [221102]
New Insights into Understanding the HER Mechanism [221028]
Innovative Floating Hybrid Renewable Energy System [221028]
Measuring Cost Savings of Solar Photovoltaic Supply Chains [221027]
Chinese Wind Turbines Fuel Thailand’s Green Transition [221026]
Latest Developments in Wind Harvesting Technology [221025]
Tiny Ultrasound Sensors Could Monitor EV Batteries [221025]
Iridium Replaced With Ruthenium in Hydrogen Production [221024]
Superconductivity Tech to Deliver up to 10X More Renewable Capacity [221019]
Fast-Charging EV Batteries With Nickel Foil [221019]
Dynamic Computational Tool Enhances User Access to EV Charging [221019]
New Electrode Wastes No Space to Offer EV Batteries a 25% Density Boost [221018]
Iberdrola Starts up the World’s First Wind-Solar Hybrid Plant in Australia [221017]
Fast-Charging Batteries for Electric Cars [221014]
Toyota Launches Pilot Project for Flex Fuel Vehicle in India [221012]
New Electrode Technology Boosts Efficiency of Power-to-Gas Production [221012]
Robots and AI Could Optimize Lithium-Ion Batteries [221012]
Researchers Develop Lithium Battery with 40% More Energy Density [221012]
Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of the Internet [221011]
Geothermal May Beat Batteries for Energy Storage [221011]
China Is Dominating the Global Electric Vehicle Battery Market [221010]
Australia-Asia PowerLink Project Faces Headwinds [221010]
Turkiye’s Cheapest Tomato Is Produced with Geothermal Energy [221009]
Tindo Solar and UNSW Develop Australian AgriPV Solar Panels [221009]
Bangladesh’s Non-Hydropower Capacity to Reach over 2,600MW in 2031 [221008]
India’s Single National Digital Portal to Boost Rooftop Solar [221008]
Novel Inexpensive Wind Energy Harvester [221008]
Sustainable Energy Storage Derived From Seaweed [221008]
Laos Poised to Be Southeast Asia’s Key Electricity Supplier [221003]
Developing the Next Generation of Direct-Drive Wind Turbines [221002]
The Importance of Clean Hydrogen in the Decarbonization of Heavy Metals [221001]
Emrod Demonstrates Power-Beaming Technology to Unlock Space-Based Solar Power [221001]
NTPC Indian Power Plant Advances with Carbon Capture [220930]
Research Black Rotor Blades for Bird Protection [220930]
Producing Green Hydrogen from Air [220930]
Solar Cell Breakthrough Could Challenge Silicon Dominance [220928]
Perovskite-Silicon PV Tandem Devices Hit 30% Efficiency [220928]
Revolutionary New Electric Vehicle Battery Charges in 3 Minutes and Lasts 20 Years [220928]
Thickened Battery Electrodes Hint at Fast-Charging EVs With Doubled Range [220928]
Renewables and Storage Are Better Together [220926]
Solar to Dominate Non-Hydropower Capacity in MENA [220925]
Zero-Energy Tech Heats When Cold and Cools When Hot [220924]
China’s CATL, a Tesla Supplier, Considers Expanding Battery Swapping Business Overseas [220923]
Siemens Gamesa Announces Recyclableblade for Onshore Wind Projects [220923]
NREL Granted Patent for Marine Renewable Energy Technology [220923]
Only 15% Of Pakistan’s Hydropower Pipeline Will Operate on Time: IEEFA [220922]
Organic Solar Cell Breakthrough Improves Performance and Stability [220921]
New Global Energy Storage Consortium Launches [220921]
New Energy Harvesting Tech Could Bring Power to Remote Regions [220920]
Carbon Nanotubes Boost Efficiency in “Nanobionic” Bacterial Solar Cells [220920]
Loop Energy Says New Hydrogen Fuel Cell More Efficient Than Diesel Engine [220920]
New Cybersecurity Partnership to Safeguard Smart Meters [220916]
Dutch Students Devise Carbon-Eating Electric Vehicle [220915]
Solar Energy – Harnessing the Power of the Sun [220914]
Transgrid Interconnector Uses Smart Grid Tech to Unlock Network Capacity [220914]
China Drives Wind Market to Break Turbine Order Record in Q2 [220913]
Samsung Advances Green Hydrogen Project in Malaysia [220913]
Perovskite Solar Cells Became a Reality [220913]
Researchers at Sandia Lab Successfully Test New Power Generation Technology [220913]
LV Support Room Uses Smart Meter Data to Expedite Fault Detection [220913]
Engineers Make Green Hydrogen From Air [220913]
GE Gas Turbines Power New-Look Bangkok Plant [220910]
BSES Looks to AI for Efficiency Improvements in Delhi [220908]
Will Electric Boats Ever Go Mainstream? [220908]
Novel Perovskite Solar Cell Design Yields Both High Efficiency and Stability [220907]
Korean Shipbuilders Developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ships [220906]
Europe and Japan Opposed to U.S. EV Subsidy Discrimination [220906]
China Drives Global Growth of Offshore Wind [220906]
Floating Wind: Saipem and Siemens Team Up on Electrical Substation Concept [220906]
Can India's Big Bet on Green Hydrogen Slash Its Energy Imports? [220903]
What Is Green Hydrogen Used For? [220901]
Engineers Are Working on a Solar Microgrid to Outlast Lunar Nights [220831]
Apeiron Bioenergy closes equity investment from Mitsui Chemicals, poised to capture exponential growth in bioenergy market with Pan-Asian presence [220831]
China’s Sinopec Starts First Carbon Capture, Storage Facility, Plans Another Two by 2025 [220830]
Green Material Absorbs Light More Strongly Than Conventional Solar Cell Technologies [220828]
Octopus Energy and National Grid Demonstrate First V2G in Great Britain [220826]
Scientists Find Way to Recycle Wind Turbine Blades Into Gummy Bears [220824]
UK EV Drivers to Sell Energy to National Grid [220824]
Super-Fast Charging Method to Optimize Electric Vehicles [220824]
Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power Expands in Uzbekistan [220823]
MIT Data Modeling Tool Optimises Wind Farm Output [220823]
Solar Windows Leap Forward as Supplement to Rooftop Panels [220822]
Europe’s Hydropower Generation Hits Record Lows Due to Drought [220822]
Australian Start-Up’s Hydrogen Find Offers Hope for Coal Plants [220821]
Mobile Battery Storage Demonstrates Potential in German Pilot [220821]
Singapore Digs Deep to Unleash Geothermal Energy Potential [220820]
Switch2 Energy Releases Heat Savings Calculator amid Cost of Living Crisis in UK [220820]
New Report Finds Value of Wind Energy Far Exceeds Costs [220818]
Optimizing the Energy Output of Wind Farms [220816]
Change Is Coming to the Offshore Wind Towers Sector [220816]
China Building World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Factor [220815]
Technology Trending: Mg-Ion Batteries, Hydrogen Innovation Lab, Landfill Methane for Bitcoin Mining [220815]
Smart Grids Are Spurring Demand for BESS – Study [220815]
Maritime Electrification Sets Sail With ‘Vessel-To-Grid’ Solutions [220815]
Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat [220813]
Magnesium Conductor Developed for Energy Storage [220809]
Decades in the Making – New Catalyst Could Make Hydrogen Fuel Cells Affordable [220808]
Hydrogen Meters – the Next Evolution of Gas Meters [220807]
Quantum Computing to Advance Solar PV Materials [220805]
Hydrogen Blends Over 5% May Need Infrastructure Modifications – Study [220804]
Energy Efficiency, Not an Odd-Fish Anymore! [220803]
A Japanese Project Demonstrates a Carbon Neutrality Pathway for Coal Power [220802]
New Edge Computing Solutions Set to Revolutionise the Power Industry [220802]
New Heat Pump Design Claims Efficiency Gains [220802]
How Renewable Forests Could Solve a Major Electric Vehicle Problem [220729]
New Measure to Improve Power Supply Reliability in India [220728]
Baywa Partnership Debuts Recyclable Shipping Pallet for Solar Modules [220728]
Enel X Supports Ferrari’s Sustainability Drive With Solar System [220728]
Can Salt Water Help Produce Green Hydrogen? [220728]
Green Hydrogen for Steel Production [220728]
Will Hydrogen Cars Replace Electric Cars? [220728]
Northvolt Turns to Trees With Wood-Based Batteries [220728]
Sand Batteries: The Next Green Energy Revolution? [220728]
Will Semi-solid Battery Technology Render Solid-State Batteries Redundant? [220728]
Siemens Partners With Storage Solutions Developer on Next Gen Supercapacitors [220727]
Ngos Ask Musk to Not Invest in Indonesia’s Nickel Industry Over Environmental Worries [220726]
Surging Temperatures Are Good for Solar Panels, Right? The Answer Is: It’s Complicated [220726]
What Will an International Marketplace for Hydrogen Look Like? [220726]
A Pilot Project in the North Sea Will Develop Floating Solar Panels That Glide Over Waves ‘Like a Carpet’ [220725]
The Key Technology Behind the Green Hydrogen Economy [220725]
First Phase of 800MWH World Biggest Flow Battery Commissioned in China [220722]
Smart Home Solutions Providing Much Needed Resilience [220722]
Too Hot for Solar Power: Europe’s Heat Wave Makes Solar Panels Less Efficient [220721]
All-In-One Solar Tower Produces Jet Fuel From CO2, Water and Sunlight [220721]
Smart Home Solutions Providing Much Needed Resilience [220721]
Toyota Plans to Roll Out Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Trucks for the Japanese Market Next Year [220721]
Can Green Hydrogen Replace Natural Gas? [220721]
The World Is Ready for a Renewable Gas Revolution [220721]
Construction Begins on One of the World’s Largest Solar + Battery Facilities [220721]
Philippines Identified as ‘Outperformer’ in the Geothermal Power Market [220720]
Rolls-Royce and Easyjet to Test Hydrogen Combustion Engine Tech for Airplanes [220720]
Smart Thermostats – The Unintended Consequences [220718]
EPRO Advance Technology Claims Green Hydrogen Breakthrough [220718]
Does Wave Energy Have a Role to Play in a Net-Zero Future? [220718]
New 180MW Hydropower Plant Powered Up in India [220714]
Singapore Container Port Uses 2MWH Battery System to Increase Energy Efficiency [220714]
Tesla and PG&E Launch Virtual Power Plant Programme [220714]
China Leads Hydropower Installation in 2021: IHA [220713]
Sulzer Schmid Takes Data Driven Rotor Blade Maintenance to the Next Level With New 3DX(TM) Damage Progression Module [220713]
Can Sand Batteries Be Scaled Commercially? [220713]
Solar-Powered Chemistry Could Recycle Carbon Dioxide Into Fuels and Chemicals [220708]
What Recycling Solar PVs Will Be Worth in the Next Decades [220708]
Asia to Lead Solar PV Recycling Markets [220708]
Solar Blanket: Sustainable, Self-Sufficient Renewable Energy [220708]
A Lithium Battery That Goes to Extremes [220708]
Five Asian Countries Amongst Top 10 Solar-Powered Economies [220707]
India’s Tenders Mark Beginning of an ‘Energy Storage Revolution’ [220706]
Schneider Electric Introduces Solar Solutions That Provide Energy to Remote Communities [220706]
Project With World’s Largest Lithium-Vanadium Hybrid BESS Officially Launched in Oxford, UK [220706]
New Energy-Dense Lithium-Sulfur Battery Works at Extreme Temperatures [220706]
Decoding the Hydrogen Rainbow [220705]
Global Community Smart Grid Collaboration Kicks Off [220702]
Recent Developments in Solar Energy Technology [220701]
Green Hydrogen Is Key In India’s Decarbonisation Goals [220630]
Revolutionizing Energy Supply With Transparent Solar Panels [220629]
‘Floatovoltaics’: Are They the Future of Renewable Energy? [220629]
Pyramid Lenses Catch Light From Any Angle to Boost Solar Cell Efficiency [220629]
DEWA’s Smart Grid System to Augment Restorative Management [220628]
How Rock Dust Could Aid Net-Zero Efforts [220627]
Asia Leads in Biomass Capacity Additions [220627]
New Thermophotovoltaic Cells Turn Heat Into Electricity More Efficiently Than a Steam Turbine [220623]
China-Laos Electricity Supply Achieves Two-Way Transmission for the First Time [220621]
Pakistan’s LNG Import Dependence Puts Energy Security, Financial Stability at Stake [220620]
US Startup Launches Mobile Renewable Nanogrid [220620]
Sri Lankan govt announces to shut down schools amid power shortage [220619]
Chinese EV Battery Manufacturers Growing Fast [220617]
China Tests World-First Full-Function Space Solar Verification Tower [220617]
Skyscrapers—a Gravity Energy Storage Boon [220617]
First Hybrid Solar and Storage Powered Town in India [220616]
Managing Hydropower Plants From a Smartphone [220615]
Solar PV on Canals and Water Bodies in Pakistan [220613]
The Future of Greenhouses and Transparent Solar Panels [220613]
Dutch Startup Kicks Off Sales of World First Solar Electric Car, Worth $265,000 [220613]
The World Is Scrambling for Lithium Supply [220610]
Gravity Storage: The Obvious Missing Component in Battery Tech [220610]
Zinc Batteries Power Stationary Energy Storage [220607]
Toyota Launches Home Energy Storage Based on Electrified Vehicle Battery [220606]
Huadian Helping Cambodia Meet Green Transition Goals [220606]
How Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Boost India’s EV Adoption [220606]
‘Turquoise’ Hydrogen Offers Japan New Path to Decarbonization [220605]
World’s Solar Panel Leader Comes Down to a 28-Millimeter Fight [220602]
China’s Compressed Air Energy Storage Industry Makes Progress [220602]
Monash Team Shows Solar Window Progress [220602]
Solar-Biomass Hybrid System Satisfies Home Heating Requirements in Winter [220601]
Plant Inspired Nanoparticles Have Potential Use in Solar Panels [220601]
Can Solar Panels in Space Power the Race to Net Zero? [220601]
New Concept Could Turn Tall Buildings Into Batteries to Improve the Power Quality [220601]
Elon Musk Lauds China for Leading the World in Renewable Energy and EVs [220531]
China’s First Solar-Tidal Photovoltaic Power Plant Connected to Grid [220531]
Which Parts of the World Will Be Able to Produce the Cheapest Green Hydrogen in the Long Run? [220531]
Cleaner, Greener Energy With New Wind Technology [220531]
China Has Discreetly Taken 10 per Cent of the World’s Market for Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles [220530]
Tesla Is Preparing to Enter Thailand Market With Its EVs, Batteries, and Solar [220527]
Karot Hydropower Project Under Cpec to Generate Eco-Friendly, Cheap Electricity: Pakistani PM [220526]
New Cooling Method for Concentrated Solar Power Plants Saves Water by Using Radiative Cooling Systems [220525]
UK Readies Google-Style Map of Electricity Cables [220524]
Thailand to Turn To Renewable Energy Amidst Gas Supply Challenges [220523]
Japanese Start-Up Electrifies Farms Using Solar Power to Grow Crops and Profits [220523]
Trina Storage Launches Grid-Scale BESS [220520]
Solar Cell Achieves Record-High Efficiency [220519]
UK Startup Develops Brayton Pumped Thermal Tech for Renewables Storage [220519]
Instead of Charging Your EV, Just Change the Battery [220518]
Perceptual Robotics Reveals Success of Wind Turbine Project [220518]
World Bank Spells out How Pakistan Can Hit 13 GW of Clean Power [220512]
Liquid Air Energy Storage Demonstrator Cuts Cost of Compressed Air [220512]
China is Using AI and 3D Printing to Build a 590-Foot-Tall Dam Without the Need for Human Workers, Scientists Say [220510]
Smarter E Products: AEG Launches Shingled Solar Module with 21.1% Efficiency [220510]
Natron to Kick off Mass-Production of Long-Life Sodium-Ion Batteries [220509]
India Puts Water Talks with Pakistan on Hold [220509]
Smarter E Products: High-Voltage Residential Battery From Varta [220509]
New Water-Draining Device for Rooftop PV Systems [220507]
Scientists, Industry Players Reveal Plans for New LETID Testing Standard [220507]
Siemens’ Grid Software Suite to Support Net Zero Momentum [220507]
Dual-Membrane Battery Has Potential to Unlock Long-Term Energy Storage From Renewables [220507]
The Mobility rEVolution: New Lithium-Ion Battery Material for Faster Charging Times [220507]
Energy Vault Begins Construction of First Gravity-Based Storage Project [220506]
Self-Healing Perovskites Can Withstand Fierce Cosmic Radiation [220505]
US Students Challenged to Design Next-Generation BEV [220505]
LG and Shell Back High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Development [220503]
Dramatic Innovation-Driven Ramp Up of Floating Offshore Wind Anticipated by 2030 [220502]
Electron Blocking for 18.5%-Efficient Carbon-Electrode Perovskite Solar Cell [220429]
NEXT's Transparent PV Coating Transforms Commercial Windows into Power Source [220429]
Could Painting Wind Turbine Blade Improve Bird Safety? [220429]
UK Group Develops Liquid Air Energy Storage Tech [220429]
What Makes the Philippines the Most ‘Fundamentally Attractive’ Solar Market in SEA? [220428]
Space-Based Solar Power Gains Growing Interest [220428]
India – Proposed EV Battery Swapping Approach [220427]
Using Machine Learning to Make Wind Energy More Predictable [220427]
Battery Passport to Be Developed in Germany [220427]
GE Hoping to 3D Print Concrete Components for Wind Turbines so It Can Save on Transportation Costs [220426]
Developments in Airborne Wind Energy Systems [220426]
TurboGen’s Hydrogen Turbine Heralds the Fuel of the Future [220425]
How Does Nuclear Fusion Work? [220425]
Can Flow Batteries Support India’s Renewable Energy Pivot? [220425]
Electric Vehicle Sales Increase Even with High Battery Prices [220425]
Electric Vehicle Sales Soar Despite Rising Battery Costs [220424]
Pakistan’s Karachi Nuclear Unit 3 Reaches Commercial Operation [220422]
KAUST Team Goes Deep on Perovskite Physics [220422]
Digital O&M Needed to Grow India’s Wind Sector [220422]
Comment: It Is Time for Smart Meters to Get Smart [220422]
2022 Will Be a Record-Breaking Year for Offshore Wind Energy in Europe [220421]
New Tech Is Accelerating the Wind Energy Revolution [220421]
Japanese Firms Team up to Produce ‘Carbon-Free’ Methane [220420]
Nighttime Solar PV – Extending PV Cell Power Supply with a PV-TEG System [220420]
Mini Perovskite Solar Module with 11.9% Stabilized Efficiency [220420]
Stand-Alone Solar Tracker to Improve Energy Access in Namibia [220420]
‘Freeze-Thaw Battery’ Is Adept at Preserving Its Energy [220420]
Ultra-Thin Perovskite-Organic Tandem Solar Cell with 24.0% Efficiency [220419]
Smarten Launches 2.4 kW Hybrid PV Power Conditioning Unit for Offgrid Applications [220419]
China Eyes Mountainous Tibet’s Ample Wind for Clean Energy [220418]
Researchers Develop Non-Metallic Photocatalyst Capable of Producing Green Hydrogen [220418]
AI Method Learns From Experienced Staff on Perovskite Solar Production Lines [220418]
Ultra Efficient ‘Tandem’ Solar Panels Ditch the Silicone to Absorb More of the Sun’s Spectrum With Less Energy [220418]
How Close Are We to Perovskites at Scale? [220418]
Could Gravity Energy Storage Be a Fossil Fuel and Battery Killer? [220418]
This Solar PV-Like Cell Can Outperform a Steam Turbine, MIT and NREL Researchers Say [220415]
Energy Security of Central Asia: An Overview [220415]
Hybrid Thermionic-Photovoltaic Converter for Applications in Thermal Energy Storage, Waste Heat Recovery [220415]
The Complications of 3D Printing in the Energy Industry [220415]
Trina Solar Brings 425 W Rooftop PV Module to Europe, with 21.9% Efficiency [220414]
Bosch Unveils Hydrogen-Compatible Stationary Fuel Cell System [220414]
Liquid System Stores Solar Energy for Years and Releases It on Demand [220413]
The Climate Risk for Hydropower [220413]
First Time in the U.S. and Japan to Successfully Build and Operate Microgrid with Battery Storage on Actual Power Distribution Network [220412]
China Emerges as Top Contributor of New Renewable Capacity in Asia: Report [220412]
Managing the Impact of Resource Variability on Solar Asset Performance [220412]
APAC to Lead Battery Storage Market Through 2026: GlobalData [220412]
India’s Quest for Hydrogen ‘Riddled with Challenges’ [220411]
China Helps Supply PV Module to Pakistan [220410]
World’s First Ocean Crossing by a Solar-Electric Vessel [220410]
India Joint Venture Aims to Produce Green Hydrogen at Scale [220408]
Global Green Finance Increased 100x in Last Decade [220407]
Could ‘Hot Carrier’ Solar Cells Break the Theoretical Efficiency Limit? [220407]
"Hibernating" Battery for Seasonal Storage Releases Energy When Heated [220406]
China's Major Shale Gas Field Records Output Growth in Q1 [220402]
Floating Solar Installations Growing Across Globe, Especially in Asia [220402]
Why Smart Power Grids Are Now Essential [220402]
New Crystal Battery Boasts Triple Energy Density [220402]
Hydropower Projects Might Rough-Sail in Asia: Report [220401]
Wind and Solar Energy Generate 10% of Global Electricity [220331]
Super Thin Solar Panels Could Be the Answer to a Greener Future [220331]
Global Wind and Solar Growth on Track to Meet Climate Targets [220330]
IElectrix ‘Shakti’ Smart Grid Demonstrator Launches in Delhi [220330]
Gridspertise and Analog Devices to Collaborate on Smart Grid Techs [220330]
Renewables and Energy Efficiency – Priorities for 2030 Emissions Reductions [220330]
Over 115 Million Smart Buildings to Deploy by 2026 [220329]
Why Hydropower Is Key to India’s Net-Zero Plans [220328]
Solar Cells Market revenue to cross USD 37 Bn by 2028: Global Market Insights Inc. [220328]
SparkMeter to Grow Advanced Metering Solution in Emerging Markets [220328]
Smart Electricity Meters Market to Surge to $15.2 Billion by 2026 [220325]
DOE 5-year Plan to Make Solar Energy Cleaner [220324]
Chinese Wind Company Wins India Turbine Orders in Overseas Push [220322]
Hydropower’s Role in Achieving Net Zero and Energy Security Is Focus of Global Campaign [220322]
India's Energy Dilemma: Is Cheap Russian Oil Worth Tensions with West? [220321]
GE's Produces World's Largest Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade [220321]
IHA Launches Global Campaign for Hydropower Investment [220321]
India to Pilot Hydrogen Vehicles [220318]
Bangladesh to Get more LNG Supply in Summer [220318]
China's Highest-Altitude Mega Hydropower Plant Fully Operational [220318]
Optimizer Tool Designs, Evaluates, Maximizes Solar-Powered Cooling Systems [220318]
Removing Solar Panel Hotspots Boosts Electrical and Thermal Output [220318]
UCLA Materials Scientists Lead Global Team in Finding Solutions to Biggest Hurdle for Solar Cell Technology [220318]
Carbon Capture and Storage Spending to Top $50B Through 2025 [220318]
Thai PTTEP to Take Over Myanmar Offshore Gas Field Ops After TotalEnergies' Exit [220317]
PV Moisture-Wicking Tech Gives New Meaning to “Solar Farm” [220317]
Wind Turbines Can Breathe New Life into Warming Seas [220317]
Smart Grids Continue to Advance Globally [220317]
Wind Power May Overtake Solar in Asia in the Next Decade [220316]
Rooftop Solar Installations to Almost Double by 2025, Says Rystad [220315]
Convert Oil Wells to Solve the Solar Storage Problem [220315]
Korean EV Battery Manufacturers Adhering to High-Nickel Batteries [220314]
Thailand Adopts New EV Incentives [220314]
Scientists Fabricate Novel Electrical Component to Improve Stability of Solar Cells [220314]
How to Clean Solar Panels Without Water [220314]
It’s a New Dawn for Concentrating Solar Power [220314]
CPS Energy to Explore Novel Pumped Hydro Technology [220314]
Wind Energy Could Cut Global Warming by Up To 0.8 Degrees C [220313]
Public EV Charging Infrastructure Expands in India [220312]
CO2 Energy Storage Tech Set for Commercialisation [220312]
ZTE and Qualcomm Partner on 5G Networking Solution for Smart Grids [220311]
Generating Carbon-Free Fuels [220311]
Solar and Spinach Could Offer Low Carbon Path for Crop Yields in Deserts [220311]
Trina Solar Launches 425W Rooftop Module with 21.9% Efficiency [220311]
Thailand Makes Green Push with Floating Hydro-Solar Power Project [220311]
India’s Place in the New Hydrogen World Order [220310]
Turning the Tide: Decarbonising with Hydropower [220310]
CPS Energy Exploring Novel Geomechanical Pumped Storage Technology [220310]
Asia Is Amongst ‘Most Attractive’ Region for Green Hydrogen Development [220309]
China Puts 100 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles to Work in Order to Decarbonise Cold Chain Logistics [220308]
Karachi 3 Begins Supplying Electricity [220308]
NHPC's 2,880 Dibang Hydropower Project in India Expected to Begin During Apr-Jun: CMD [220307]
Report: Tesla Owner In China Faces Shocking $600,000 Supercharging Bill [220307]
Hybridizing PV, Redox Flow Batteries and Geothermal Heat Pumps [220307]
China Aims to Build 450 GW of Solar, Wind Power on Gobi Desert [220306]
Pak-India Talks on Hydropower Projects End with Some Convergences [220304]
India's Largest EV Charging Station Opens in Gurugram [220304]
Small-Scale, Renewable Energy Generators Can Leave the Power Grid More Susceptible to Failure [220304]
Fortescue Accelerates Plans for Gravity-Charged Electric Powertrain [220304]
Pakistan’s Oil, Gas Demand Eemains Robust [220303]
K2 Management Bags 2 Wind Projects in Pakistan [220303]
Why $100 Oil Could Hurt the Energy Transition More Than It Helps [220303]
These Solar Panels Pull in Water Vapor to Grow Crops in the Desert [220302]
Disposal of Used Solar Panels a Problem Left by Green Power [220302]
Pakistan to Raise Objections over 10 Indian Hydro Projects [220301]
IRENA and China State Grid Pave Way Towards Smart Electrification [220228]
India: Central Government Replacing Fuel Vehicles With EV's [220228]
Battery Energy Storage Systems as Viable Transmission Assets [220226]
US Funding USD500 Million for Solar Panel Manufacturing in India [220225]
e6–India’s First EV Model to Adopt BYD Blade Battery Technology [220224]
Pakistan to Penalise Defaulting LNG Supplier [220224]
Japan's 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Train Unveiled with Full Services Eyed for 2030 [220223]
Green 5G Solutions Can Help Meet Global Carbon Neutral Goals [220223]
India’s Mismanagement of Nuclear Waste [220223]
High-power potential: the future of concentrated solar power [220223]
Philippines’ First Hybrid Solar-Plus-Storage Plant Comes Online Through Ayala Group Energy Subsidiary [220222]
Chinese-Danish Study Takes CO2 One Step Closer to Raw Material for Carbon Neutral Push [220222]
Explained: What Is The ‘Green Grid’ Initiative? How Will It Distribute Solar Energy [220222]
Indus Waters Treaty: Pakistan, India to Discuss Hydropower Projects [220221]
World’s First: Ships Will Charge Up at Offshore Wind Farms [220221]
China Holds First-Ever Carbon-Neutral Olympics [220218]
China’s RE Capacity Growth is a ‘Political Headache’ to Other Countries [220218]
Breakthrough in Converting Carbon Dioxide into Fuel Using Solar Energy [220217]
Combining Solar Power and Green Hydrogen Production at the CEOG Project [220217]
VerdErg Launches New Low-Cost Micro Hydropower Product [220217]
Highly Efficient, All-Polymer Solar Cells Prepared Under Meniscus-Assisted Coating Strategy [220216]
Thailand Could Brace Potential Gas Supply Shortage from Myanmar [220215]
Ground-Breaking Projects Using Solar to Decarbonise Cement [220215]
2022 Will Be A Critical Year for Wind Power [220214]
Hydropower Sustainability Fund Applications Open to over 40 Countries [220214]
U.S. Supplies Give China Muscle to Become Major Force in Global LNG Trade [220214]
Clean Energy Vehicles Take Road to Future at the Winter Olympics [220211]
Here's an Overlooked Option for Long-term Energy Storage for Renewables [220211]
Combining Offshore Wind with Carbon Removal [220211]
All-Renewable 5 MW Kalbarri Microgrid Goes Live in Western Australia [220210]
EGAT Deploys Siemens Software Solutions for the Worlds Largest Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Project [220209]
Thermal Storage a Key Part of the Energy Transition Package – IRENA [220209]
Rystad Energy: Hydropower Growth Set to Continue [220209]
Solar and Renewable Energy Trends in 2022 [220209]
H3 Dynamics Partners with Sitemark for Autonomous Solar Inspections Service [220208]
Schneider Electric Supports WEF Framework to Attract Investment Towards Decarbonization of Buildings [220207]
Koto Hydropower Project Near Completion in Pakistan [220127]
Millions Left without Power After Huge Blackout Hits Central Asia [220126]
Solar Plus Energy Storage to Power Poultry Farm in Egypt [220126]
Vistra Announces Expansion of World's Largest Battery Energy Storage Facility [220125]
Growatt Releases New Modular Residential LFP Battery [220125]
Hydrogen and Lower Emissions can Push China to Carbon Neutrality, Report Says [220124]
India’s Solar Module Production Capacity to Soar 400% [220124]
Proton To Introduce Smart Electric Vehicles In Malaysia [220124]
SK Innovation Develops Technology to Prevent ESS Fires [220124]
New Efficiency Record For Solar Cell Technology [220124]
TotalEnergies, Chevron to Exit Myanmar [220122]
China Is Reselling LNG Cargoes, Driving Gas Prices Lower [220121]
Solar-Plus-Storage for Mineral Water Producer in Cambodia [220121]
UK Energy Storage Techs Undergo Testing [220121]
Sungrow Presents New Central Inverter [220120]
Selective Membrane May Cycle Dual-ion Batteries Closer to Reality [220120]
China Sets Priority Tasks to Ensure Energy Supply [220120]
India’s Power Consumption to Rebound “Strongly” in 2022: Fitch [220120]
Researchers Publish Details of Solar Panel Water Cooling Mechanism [220120]
Quantum Batteries: Next-Gen Storage in Sight [220120]
Chinese "Artificial Sun" Sets New World Record [220119]
India and IRENA Sign Renewables Agreement [220119]
Efficient Recovery of Lithium from Spent LiFePO4 Batteries via Air Oxidation–Water Leaching at Room Temperature [220119]
Longi Unexpectedly Raises PV Wafer Prices [220119]
Vikram Solar Launches M10 Solar Modules [220119]
MRC Says Bold Actions Needed to Address Low Mekong Flows [220119]
How Germany can Cut Power Costs by 34% [220119]
Korean Companies Focusing on All-Solid-State Battery Development [220118]
Sulzer Schmid Launches New 3DX? HP Solution [220118]
India’s first Coal to Methanol Plant Starts Commercial Produciton [220117]
Panasonic Unveils 410 W Solar Panel with 22.2% Efficiency [220117]
Micro-Inverter for High-Power Solar Panels from Hoymiles [220117]
South Australia Breaks Record by Running for a Week on Renewable Energy [220117]
Batteries could Save Consumer 34m a Year, Study Finds [220117]
Andhra to Build Energy-Efficient Houses for Weaker Sections [220117]
New Smart Glass Technologies Could Boost Buildings’ Energy Efficiency [220117]
Indonesia Joins Hands with Japan to Promote Clean Energy [220114]
Perovskite Ink for Flexible Solar Panels [220114]
Gas-Powered Car Sales In China Down Around 4% While EV Sales Up ~145% In 2021 [220113]
U Mich Team Develops 1,000-Cycle Lithium-Sulfur Battery [220113]
Yaskawa Solectria Solar Releases New Utility-Scale Inverter Lineup [220112]
Singapore’s Urban Renewables Reaches 10MW PV Portfolio Milestone [220111]
Chinese PV Suppliers Ponder Market Potential in Afghanistan [220111]
Korean and Chinese EV Battery Makers Likely to Collaborate [220111]
Keyal Khwar Hydropower Project to Generate 72 MW Electricity in Pakistan [220111]
Schneider Partners NYP on Green Solutions for SMEs [220110]
Companies Reduce Emissions by up to 19% Through Digital Tools: Schneider Electric and CNBC Report [220110]
Scientists Develop Stable Sodium Battery Technology [220110]
Sun Metals Taps Gravity Energy Storage Tech in Shift to “Green Zinc” [220110]
Jan De Nul has Launched Its Next Generation Offshore Wind Installation Vessel [220109]
GE’s Digital Power Transformers Selected for Multiple Projects Across the Globe [220108]
India’s Non-Hydropower Renewables to Reach 229GW by End-2030 [220107]
Japan's Honda to Build Battery EV Plant in China [220107]
Chinese Firms' Energy Projects in Kazakhstan Remain Safe: Sources [220107]
Hyundai Engineering Launches High-Purity Hydrogen Production Using Ammonia [220107]
CTG Starts Construction of Tiantai Pumped Storage Plant [220107]
Decommissioned Audi EV Batteries used in 4.5MWh Stationary Energy Storage System in Germany [220105]
Roofing Giant Takes on Tesla to Make Solar Roof Shingles more Affordable [220105]
CATL's EV Battery Market Share Continuing to Increase [220105]
South Korea Retires Two Oldest Coal-Fired Power Plants, to Replace with LNG [220103]
European Solar PV Capacity Jumped 34% in 2021 [220102]
Power Costs in Europe Soar to Record High in 2021 [220102]
Zhonghuan Further Reduces PV Wafer Prices [220101]
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