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 - Nepal Energy News
Production of Electric Buses in Koshi Province within a Year [230321]
Worth over Rs 300 billion, Budhi Gandaki project does not have even Rs 10 million [230321]
Nepal to seek India’s approval for dedicated transmission line to export electricity to Bangladesh [230319]
Nepal opens up the possibility to export electricity to all but Bihar state of India [230318]
Rates of Nepal-India cross border electricity supply hiked; India agrees allowing Nepal to use its border based transmission lines [230318]
Indian company NHPC Ltd permitted to carry out study of 450 MW Seti River-6 Hydropower Project [230317]
Nepal’s agenda in the electricity trade meeting is to lower tariffs on Indian transmission lines [230317]
Electricity leakage towards distribution drops to 7.99% [230316]
Electricity leakage drops to 12.59 percent from 15.38 percent: NEA [230315]
Nepali and Chinese industrialists meet to explore new business opportunities in Nepal [230314]
Let's all use electric vehicles: Ghising [230313]
NEA unlikely to meet electricity generation target in current fiscal year [230311]
UK State Minister Visits Arun III Hydropower Project Site [230310]
Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Opens Sale Of IPO to General Public [230310]
Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project sees 95% completion [230310]
Half a dozen big solar lift irrigation projects stalled [230309]
NEA gives deadline of mid-July to complete installation of 220/400 kV Tamakoshi-Kathmandu transmission line [230309]
NEA Urges Consumers To Install Meter For Street Lights [230309]
Mai Khola Hydropower Limited Opens Sale of Public Offering [230309]
Inauguration of Solukhola (Dudhkoshi) Hydro which started commercial electricity generation [230308]
I urge you for Saudi FDI in Nepal: FNCCI senior vice prez Dhakal to KSA ambassador [230308]
NEA Urges Users not to Install Street Lights on their Own [230308]
PM Inaugurates Largest Hydropower Project Developed by Private Sector [230308]
Nepal’s electricity production capacity reaches more than 2,577 MW [230307]
NEA's initiative to remove obstacles in Kaligandaki corridor transmission line [230307]
28.304 MW Madhya Chameliya Hydropower Project finalizes its EIA report [230306]
Substations built for rural electrification drive [230306]
Koshi corridor construction slower than a sloth [230306]
Rural Electrification Campaign Gathers Momentum in Tanahun [230306]
Substation construction delayed in Khotang [230305]
Mardi Himal Trek Getting Electricity Facility [230305]
Trans-border transmission line ready [230304]
Nepal Professionals Trained to Improve the Country’s Hydropower Sustainability [230303]
India to Construct Big Hydropower Project near China [230302]
Nepal will face shortfall of Rs 1.369 trillion to construct big hydropower projects in the pipeline by 2035: NEA [230301]
Construction of 216 MW Upper Trishuli-1 gains momentum [230301]
China’s Sinohydro expected to be awarded $165 million Tamakoshi V Hydro [230301]
Upper Trishuli-1 Hydro completed diversion tunnel [230301]
Modi Energy to issue IPO [230228]
N K Motors starts preparations to produce electric vehicles in Province 1 in partnership with Korean companies [230228]
Mai Khola Hydropower to issue IPO [230227]
KMC Preparing to Restore Closed Biogas Plant [230227]
Construction of Motihari-Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline reaches final stage [230226]
Chinese and Nepali officials talk about the electricity trade [230226]
Govt inviting NHPC India to invest in Phukot Karnali hydel [230224]
EBL inaugurates solar bus stand at Toukhel Lalitpur [230224]
Three hydropower projects received govt approval to produce 29.72 MW electricity last month [230222]
Nepal imported more than 2,000 units of electric four-wheelers in the first seven months of current FY [230222]
Almost Half of the Companies Seeking IPO Permission are from Hydropower Sector [230221]
Agni Group launched Mahindra’s Trio Electric Auto in Sindhuli [230221]
Govt. to increase investment in energy sector: DPM Lingden [230221]
India agrees to expedite construction of a number of cross-border transmission lines to facilitate bilateral energy trade with Nepal [230220]
India assures to supply 50 MW electricity generated from Nepal's hydropower projects to Bangladesh [230220]
Dolti Power Company Opens Sale of IPO to Project-affected Locals and Migrant Workers [230220]
BYD & Everest Bank join hands to offer easy retail financing for BYD EVs in Nepal [230220]
Expansion of transmission lines & trade promotion [230220]
Tunnel construction for Phukot-Karnali semi-reservoir hydropower project reaches final stage [230219]
India agrees to take additional 200 MW electricity from Dhalkebar-Muzaffarpur transmission line [230219]
India positive for consent to Nepal's electricity export to Bangladesh [230219]
Nepal-India JSC Meet Power Trade Breakthrough [230219]
22MW Seti Khola Hydroelectric Project registers 35 percent construction work progress [230217]
Nepal to ask India to buy 1,200 MW of locally-produced electricity [230216]
NEA called hydro promoters to ink PPA within 15 days [230216]
Molung Hydropower Limited Opens Sale of Its Public Offerings [230216]
Menchhiyam Hydropower to issue IPO [230215]
New Modi – Lekhnath 132 KV transmission line in operation, infrastructure ready for 200 MW power transmission [230215]
Saranghat Substation in Tanahun in operation [230214]
Nepal, India agree to allow export of power on long-term basis [230214]
Government Of Nepal And The World Bank Launch $100 Million Water Sector Governance And Infrastructure Support Project [230214]
Nepal-India energy secretary-level meeting scheduled for February 17 and 18 [230213]
87 Hydropower Projects yet to Manage Financial Resources despite Signing PPA [230213]
Nepal’s installed electricity production capacity reaches 2,400 MW on Saturday [230212]
Solu Khola Hydro Connected to Grid : Nepal’s installed electricity production capacity reaches 2,400 MW [230212]
Internal Terminal of Chobhar Dry Port to come into operation [230211]
86-megawatt of electricity connected to national grid [230211]
NEA decision to open PPA for run of the river (RoR) type hydropower projects for 1500 MW [230210]
Industrialists Urge for Load Shedding Instead of Unannounced Power Cuts [230210]
Asian Hydropower Limited Opens Sale Of IPO to General Public [230210]
Contractor, who received an advance of over Rs 66 million for electrification in Rolpa, has been out of contact for 25 months [230210]
Melamchi project seeks Rs 24 billion to distribute water outside ring road areas [230209]
Trishuli Hydropower Plant being renovated [230209]
Superdordi Hydropower to Generate Power Within Month [230209]
EU, NEA inspect Chilime-Trishuli 220 kV transmission line project [230208]
Govt to acquire land for petroleum exploration in Dailekh [230207]
Supermai Hydropower issues IPO [230206]
Private sector power developers demand govt to lift PPA restriction [230206]
Nepal Telecom starts ‘5G’ trial in Kathmandu [230206]
NEA struggles to manage electricity distribution after domestic production declines around 20 pc [230205]
Construction of 19 mega projects in limbo in Myagdi [230205]
Breakthrough made in entry of supply tunnel of Tanahu hydel project [230202]
Bizbell Joins International Hydropower Association [230131]
Fiber internet service reaches rural Mikwakhola [230129]
Two Chinese companies shortlisted for the first phase work of 100 MW Tamakoshi-5 Hydropower Projectv [230128]
Karnali corridor opens door to prosperity [230127]
Petroleum Pipeline Project: Second phase works accelerated [230127]
Why are Reservoir-based Hydropower Projects Less in Number? [230126]
NEA steps up effort to construct transmission lines and substations in Kathmandu’s Tarakeshwar Municipality [230125]
NCC urges DPM Lingden to encourage private investment in energy sector [230125]
Electricity bill gathers dust for the past one and a half decades [230123]
Upgrading of Beni-Jomsom Road Section Delayed [230123]
Chinese technical team visited the location to examine the cross-border railway [230123]
Tila-Karnali hydropower project stalled for 12 years [230122]
Janakpurdham Trade Fair 2023 to take place on February 17-26 [230122]
EV charging station comes into operation at Bardibas [230121]
NHPC India submits preliminary report of 750 MW West Seti Hydroelectric Project to IBN [230120]
Electricity leakage reduced to 12% [230120]
Nepal Telecom to Resolve Service Interruption [230119]
Gotamkot gets electricity for first time [230118]
NEA struggles to manage electricity supply with decline in domestic production, and inadequate imports amid surged demand [230117]
Sales of EVs Increasing in Nepal [230117]
Kaligandaki Corridor transmission line in final stage of construction [230117]
Butwal Power Company to distribute 7.5 percent cash dividend [230116]
40 MW Upper Chameliya set to start production in the given deadline of April [230113]
Govt plan to build new towns along mid-hill highway in limbo [230112]
Feasibility study to be conducted for petroleum pipeline from Amlekhgunj to Jhapa [230111]
Govt to provide 50 units of electricity for free [230110]
Work on Rahughat Mangale, Upper Rahughat Hydropower project gains momentum [230108]
With construction of substation, power outage problem solved [230107]
Bangladesh sought India’s visible role to buy electricity from Nepal & Bhutan [230106]
Upper Karnali Project’s dispute moved to constitutional bench [230103]
Molung Hydropower Company Opens IPO for Project-Affected Locals and Migrant Workers [230103]
Kathmandu-Keung Railway Moves Ahead [230102]
MCA-N expedites construction of three substations under MCC Compact [230101]
Hydropower project fulfils Myagdi villagers’ dream to ride motorcycles, cars [230101]
 - Global Energy News
Group Develops Framework for High-Energy-Density, Long Life-Cycle Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries [230322]
Prime Minister of Bhutan Visits Eib to Discuss Support for Hydropower, Solar Generation [230321]
World’s Highest Wind Farm in Tibet Generates Over 100 Mln Kwh of Electricity [230320]
World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Panel to Be Built in Thailand [230320]
Promising Solar-Energy-Harvesting Technology Emerges [230317]
Perovskite Solar Cell With 25.3% Efficiency via New Ligand [230313]
Sungrow Signs 145 MW Distribution Agreements During Solar Pakistan 2023 [230313]
Topcon Shingle Solar Cell Achieves 22.0% Efficiency via Thermal Laser Separation [230309]
Indian Farmers to Produce Hydrogen Fuel, Says Minister for Road Transport [230308]
Southeast Asia’s Largest Wind Power Plant to Be Built in Laos [230306]
India Power, ES2 Power Ink Deal to Develop Pilot Thermal Storage in India [230302]
Looming Power Supply Woes in Thailand Could Drive Renewables Market [230227]
Chinese E-bike Firm Tenways Launches the New CGO600 Pro [230302]
Hydrogen-Boron Fusion Breakthrough [230301]
Corralling Ions Improves Viability of Next Generation Solar Cells [230228]
Gcl Tech Says Mass Production Has Been Attained for Its “Super-Long” Mono-Si Rod [230227]
Next-Generation Concentrated Solar Power Particle Receivers Enable Inexpensive Electricity Generation With Energy Storage [230227]
How Much Land Would It Take To Get Most of Our Electricity From Solar and Wind Power? [230227]
ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Achieves 1.55MW Record Power to Enable More Discoveries [230227]
Major Milestone at Dasu Hydropower Project, Pakistan [230224]
Encapsulated Perovskite Solar Cells Show Resilience A year-long outdoor field trial demonstrates this new photovoltaic can go the distance [230223]
This New Breed of Generator Can Run On Almost Any Fuel [230223]
New Hydrogen Production Makes H2 by Copying Plants [230223]
New World Record! Risen Energy HJT Hyper-ion Solar Module's Power is 741.456W and the Efficiency is 23.89% [230220]
Physicists Solve Durability Issue in Next-Generation Solar Cells [230219]
Team Develops New Way to Extract Thermal Energy From Waste Heat Sources and Reuse It via Pressure Control [230219]
This ‘Harry Potter’ Light Sensor Achieves Magically High Efficiency of 200% [230219]
Harnessing Plant Molecules to Harvest Solar Energy [230219]
Amazon Sinks 1.5M Into ‘World First’ Seaweed Farm Between Offshore Wind Turbines [230217]
Larger Sunhydrogen Green Hydrogen Generator Using Nanoparticle Technology Unveiled [230217]
Add-on Device Makes Home Furnaces Cleaner, Safer and Longer-Lasting [230216]
China’s Solar and Wind Power Industry Continues to Lead Globally [230215]
How to Make Hydrogen Straight From Seawater, With No Desalination Required [230215]
Pakistan Will Add Up to 10 GW of New Hydropower Capacity by 2030 [230213]
Pakistan Orders Speedy Completion of Solar and Wind Power Projects [230213]
By Growing Uniform Lithium Crystals, Engineers Progress Toward Fast-Charging Lithium-Metal Batteries [230210]
Biogas produced with waste from apple juice production can minimize use of fossil fuels in industry [230210]
New Injector Makes Gas Injection System for Internal Combustion Engines More Efficient [230210]
New Superalloy Could Cut Carbon Emissions From Power Plants [230210]
Greenko, Uniper to Export Green Ammonia to EU From India [230209]
Newly Discovered Chemical Process Renders All Existing Wind Turbine Blades Recyclable [230209]
Blending Hydrogen With Natural Gas Could Help Fuel Energy Transition [230209]
University of Surrey Researchers Make ‘Game-Changing’ Findings for Hydrogen Production [230209]
Coal Power Plant Under CPEC Put Into Operation in Pakistan [230208]
New Sodium, Aluminum Battery Aims to Integrate Renewables for Grid Resiliency [230208]
Photovoltaic-Thermal System Based on PCM Cooling [230207]
ABB and Hynamics Collaborate to Lower Green Hydrogen Production Cost [230207]
Third Reactor at Karachi Nuclear Plant [230206]
China, Pakistan Mark Completion of Karachi 2&3 Project [230205]
New Material Makes Recycling a Wide Range of Batteries Simple and Economical [230203]
The Novel Chemistry Behind Ultra-High Power Density Batteries [230203]
Wienerberger Launches Brand-New Solar Roof Tile [230202]
New Type of Solar Cell Is Being Tested in Space [230201]
A Way to Produce Hydrogen Directly From Untreated Sea Water [230201]
Thailand’s 14MW Hydropower Plant Starts Operations [230131]
Data-Driven Heating Can Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings [230131]
New Developments in Electric Vehicle Battery Technology [230131]
Sun Cable: It’s Much More Viable Than You Think, at the Right Price [230130]
Fast Track Development on Energy Corridor With Russia Urged for Economic Stability [230129]
Researchers Successfully Turn Abandoned Oil Well Into Giant Geothermal Battery [230129]
Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Reaches Next Milestone [230128]
Industry Group Hails Inclusion of Flow Batteries in Eu’s ‘Battery Passport’ [230127]
Indian industry turns to biomass as capital bans coal in pollution fight [230125]
Zeroavia’s Largest Hydrogen Plane Successfully Completes Test Flight [230125]
Pakistan Suffers Major Power Outage After Grid Failure [230123]
Iron flow, sodium-sulfur battery technologies at airport and space station energy storage projects [230122]
Ballard, Adani & Ashok Leyland Team Up to Develop H2 Truck [230120]
Japan Proposes Default Ghg Values for Solid Biobased Fuels [230119]
Ammonia Co-firing Study Planned for Thai Thermal Power Plant [230119]
Gamechange Releases New Solar Tracker [230117]
How to Create a Solar Farm Operations and Maintenance Plan [230117]
Rolls Royce Runs Gas Engine on 100% Hydrogen [230117]
Cityu Unravels Interfacial Interactions of the Lead-Free Perovskite for Efficient Hydrogen Production [230116]
Jinkosolar Has Unveiled the Second Generation of Its Tiger Neo Solar Panel Line [230116]
Swiss Startup Makes First Attempt to Deploy Solar on Railways [230116]
Low Renewable Energy Costs to Aid India’s Green Hydrogen Push [230115]
Large Dams Face Around 26% Loss of Storage by 2050 Says New Research [230114]
Cambodia’s Energy Transition Program Gets ADB Boost [230113]
Arunachal Cabinet Nod for Action Plan to Unlock Hydropower Potential in India [230112]
Hydrogen Patents Show Evolution Towards Clean Tech Solutions [230112]
Trina Starts Production of 210MM N-Type I-Topcon Solar Cells [230110]
1.8 Megawatt PV System Installed on Sandwich Panels With Patented Support System [230110]
Mass Megawatts’ Patent-Pending Solar Tracking Tech Spurs Project Sales [230110]
Module Cost Expected to Drop as China Unfolds Price War in Upstream Solar Sector [230109]
New Breakthrough in Lithium Battery Studies Finds External Magnetic Field to Inhibit Dendrite Growth [230109]
Why Solar Needs to Slim Down On Silver [230108]
Cheap, Sustainable Hydrogen: New Catalyst Is 10 Times More Efficient Than Previous Sun-Powered Water-Splitting Devices [230106]
A Step Toward Producing Solar Fuels Out of Thin Air [230106]
Huasun Unveils 715 W Heterojunction Solar Module [230105]
Floating Solar Tech for Aquaculture [230105]
Caltech Launches Space Solar Power Prototype [230105]
Cleveland Pilot Project Provides Rooftop Solar for Low-Income Residents [230104]
Techniques to Build Thermally Co-evaporated Mini Perovskite Solar Panels [230103]
A Closer Look at Potential-Induced Degradation in Solar Cells [230103]
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